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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Spirits of the Olympics

Eeamon Sullivan is most famous for dating another one of our Olympic hotties Stephanie Rice a while ago. He holds his own though... props for committing to an Olympic tattoo as well!
Here is comes to save the daaaay! Stephanie Rice has got to be the most recognisable Olympic hottie we have on our books. As well as being splashed over our television screens in various ad campaigns, she also tweets pictures of herself in bikinis every few days. God bless 'er.
Love or hate John Steffensen... you have to admit he's hot. His 'tude makes us think he knows how good looking he is though... and is that 'blue steel' we see in this photo? Who is Naomi Flood? We're not sure, but if she can pull off an ugly cravat and still look seductive she gets a thumbs up from us. Just kidding, she sprint kayaks as well... it's the sport we all love to watch!Ever wished you had a stomach that simply crinkled and didn't roll? Genevieve LaCaze is here to show us how it's done. What a smoker!

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