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Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Blessed Balcony.

So since my last post, my life has taken a massive turn! What I expected to be a "360 turn for the worst" actually became more like a "pirouette!" I guess I need to give you some background details for you to understand how this turn came about.

After arriving home from my trip in the USA, I had this uncontrollable and indescribable yearning for travel and adventure. Not the usual 'travel bug' that most people catch when spending time abroad- but more like a feeling of loss. The connection I had with the States was a very unexpected but incredible love affair- and I knew in my heart I had to get back there and ASAP! It was this feeling of restlessness that led me to the first turn... I broke up with my boyfriend of ten years. Not because I didn't love him anymore but because we were just in different places in our lives, wanting different things. I don't really want to go into it too much, but this massive decision that sparked my leap of faith was the start of my new beginning. 

Just after this, my life turned again and I moved out of the first house we had bought together and I moved into a cute and quaint LITTLE apartment with very little wardrobe space, a tiny living area but a balcony and view to die for. I truly believe that this balcony has changed my life! Not only was I exceptionally lucky to be given this rental, having no previous rental history and wanting to move in within days, but from this balcony my mindset was changed. Positivity is the only option. When my life had been turned upside down and I should have been miserable, I felt this sudden weight lift from my shoulders and endless sunshine. Everyone that comes to visit is taken away by the views overlooking the marina, dolphins playing below and breathtaking views to the ocean. It is from here that I'm writing this blog! 

I turned again, in changing my position at school from a regular classroom teacher of grade seven, to being the health and physical education coordinator- and I love it! It's demanding and challenging and requires 110% energy and enthusiasm everyday but it keeps me for, healthy and sane! I love my job completely and it makes me who I am. It is without a doubt one of the best things in my life.

And the final turn was just recently when I crashed my car. I went up the back of a 4WD who braked too suddenly. I smashed my knee, nose and hips and my car is a total write off. But- everything that happened was the best of what it could have been. People helped me move my car, swept up the bits on the road, called me a tow truck and mum and dad came to get me... Just a so happened that dad had the day off to go to the dentist! Got checked over by the odd an so have no real damage- nothing that ice and rest won't fix! How lucky am I to have everything go my way, even in these hard times?

I can't help but believe that everything happens for a reason. My strength and positivity is being tested at the moment- but in no way am I disheartened. In fact, it's fuel for me to lift and rise above. I am here, I am alive and I am destined for something bigger than what is at the moment.

So I guess I've done a full turn...a spin...a rotation... a pirouette, if you will, but not in the fact that I'm back to the start. I've done a full turn and ended up at the start of something new, something exciting and something completely mine. 

I know I'm not finished spinning just yet and I'm loving being caught up in this twister! 

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