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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Cheap Thrills for the Feet!

Yesterday I had the dreaded task of doing my grocery shopping, however, on my way I was stopped by one small word that captivated my attention and managed to put me off task for the next few hours- SALE! 
A variety of shoe and clothing stores were having a SALE so I had to check them out. I was surprised by the range of shoes available at ridiculously cheap prices! I am a real shoe girl always tempted to spend money on my feet rather than the rest of my body! This season is no exception, with the awesome colours and styles that I just can't refuse. I know sometimes reduced prices means reduced quality but really, if they last me the winter months, I'll be satisfied... and with prices like these- 
I might just be able to have them all :)

(Click on the shoes you like below- it will redirect you to another window where you can purchase them online or see the retailers that stocks them!)

ROUSTABOUTOAKSNovo ShoeGuess redCleo purpleNaked rubyMair taupe