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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dare. Dream. Do.

"This is the last (insert junk food here) I'm going to eat as my diet starts tomorrow!"

I'm sick of making promises to myself that I just never keep!
Yesterday, however, I made a change. It's the start of Spring, which is the best time to be motivated as Summer is well and truly on its way. I will not be dieting but I will be changing my life by CHOOSING to fuel my body with the correct foods and look after my body by training hard. My body is a temple and is the only one I have... it deserves to be respected and appreciated as it serves me each and everyday with perfection. 

If you too would like to join me on a healthy eating and training journey... Follow me!
I will be posting my workouts and food daily as motivation for myself and hopefully to inspire others.

Feel free to add comments, tips, advice, anything so we can keep each other motivated. 

Wish me luck,
Simone xx

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