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Thursday, 3 January 2013

January 2, 2012

My goal for my school holidays is to have my office/ craft room, up and running ready for the new school year. I am always in the middle of a million projects, however, I feel if I clean up the room and make it beautiful, I will want to spend time in there and inevitably finish more projects.
At the moment I am making a door plaque for my soon to be niece Layla Grace, I am STILL scrap booking my 2010 Europe trip, I am adding material to customise some tea towels for my kitchen, creating skeletons and caves for my classroom displays and painting canvas with motivational quotes for display my classroom. 
See?!? I need to make it pretty. This is the picture of the room I am going to try to recreate. I will send a picture ASAP of my office now and will post pics along the way. This will keep me motivated, knowing that I am showing you :)


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